ReDBox/Mint version: 1.9

ReDBox is web based metadata registry application, similar to an institutional repository, for describing research data. It is being developed for use at the University of Newcastle, and subsequent deployment at USQ, Swinburne and other universities. It is designed to be used at any research institution which needs to record details of research data holdings for a variety of reasons, including both compliance with codes of practice and to make data discoverable via services such as Research Data Australia. A key principle underlying ReDBox is that as much metadata (eg about parties such as people, grants and project, and subject codes) as possible will follow Linked Data principles, and we are designing the application to make that as easy as possible. Unlike the VIVO application, it is built on a repository (Fedora Commons) which is capable or storing data if needed (though that is not the case with the initial version), and it uses the high performance Apache Solr text indexer to drive the portal interface rather than an RDF triple store.

Please see the ReDBox project page for more information.